Professional Development Program

May 16-17 - SEMA Detroit Garage

Open exclusively to FLN members*

The Professional Development Program helps aspiring leaders in the automotive aftermarket reach greater levels of success. Sponsored by FLN in partnership with Dale Carnegie, the two-day, in-person program focuses on improving individual and business performance and is available exclusively to FLN members are a significant discount.

"The Future Leaders Network is committed to helping aspiring leaders advance in the industry," said FLN Chair Matt Beenen. "Partnering with a world-class organization such as Dale Carnegie is just one example of what we are doing to invest in the membership. I've been fortunate to have been able to participate in the Dale Carnegie Training, and I'm excited that other FLN members will have access to the program as well."

The program is available at half of Dale Carnegie's regular fee and includes complimentary meals and hotel accommodations for three nights. (Cost for the program is $1,600 direct from Dale Carnegie.) Participants will also need to arrange their own travel to the event.

The cost for attending this program is $800.

It is available at half of Dale Carnegie's regular fee and includes complimentary meals and hotel accommodations for three nights. (Cost for the program is $1,600 direct from Dale Carnegie.) Participants will also need to arrange their own travel to the event.

The program is limited to 25 FLN members, but any SEMA member aged 39 and under can apply for FLN membership.

  1. Designed specifically for the automotive aftermarket.
    It's not just a generic leadership program. The FLN Professional Development Program is created for aspiring leaders in the automotive aftermarket. Whether you're in technology, marketing, sales, operations or a current executive, the program will help you advance you career in this specific industry. (Non-FLN members who meet qualifications of the network may attend by joining FLN at no cost.)

  2. Led by world renown Dale Carnegie trainers.
    For years, the most successful individuals and organizations have turned to Dale Carnegie's books and seminars to help them reach new levels of advancement. "How To Win Friends and Influence People" essentially set the standard for interpersonal effectiveness, and the book continues to be as valid today as ever. Dale Carnegie's methods and principles will help FLN members gain the confidence and tools to build relationships and drive results by gaining willing cooperation and commitment.

  3. Cost savings of more than $1,000.
    The cost for attending this program is $800. The same training program from Dale Carnegie is $1,600, but available to FLN members at 50% of the cost and includes complimentary hotel and food for the two-day program in Southern California. (Participants will need to arrange their own travel to the event.)

  4. Tailored courses for aspiring leaders.
    The program is among the most highly rated training programs available and designed specifically for up-and-coming leaders. Whether you're struggling with the transition from employee to supervisor, looking to gain skills as a business owner, or aspire to a C-Suite position, the program is proven to help with the skills most needed by new leaders:
    • Communicating professionally and confidently in business situations.
    • Engaging others by building rapport, asking pertinent questions and listening.
    • Building relationships and dealing effectively with people in a multitude of scenarios.
    • Gaining cooperation and influencing people, including direct reports, laterally and upward.
    • Using emotional controls to sustain success.

  5. Two days of high-collaborative industry interaction and networking.
    With limited participation, the program offers quality networking time and targeted conversations. Instructors hone in on the information most relevant to participants and engage with the group in a meaningful way. Participants also engage with others of like mind and make quality connections with individuals who have similar passions and goals.

Hear from past attendees on their experiences and the benefits of joining this event.


"The program made me have an all-new appreciation for SEMA, its mission, and the automotive industry as a whole. The attendees were all exceptional people who were highly engaged in the material. I particularly enjoyed the discussion around appropriately and effectively sharing your opinion using evidence, which I feel everyone should learn whether they are in a leadership position or not. It was also awesome to tour the SEMA Garage and understand that facility and its function for the industry."—Jake Gisseman, Battle Born Offroad



The Future Leader's Network (FLN) provides industry young future leaders with an opportunity to network with other SEMA members in various market segments and influential industry leaders. It also gives you a unique chance to listen and learn, as well as provide the industry a youthful voice to be heard. FLN members are industry leaders who are 39 years of age or younger and are actively pursuing a higher level of professionalism in the specialty equipment market. The current membership roster represents some of the top technology, marketing and sales, operations and executive minds in the automotive industry.


Denise Waddingham