Haley Keelin from the Retrofit Source SEMA Businesswomen’s Network (SBN) latest #SheIsSEMA Spotlight Member.

Submitted by Jennifer Petraitis | The Retrofit Source

SEMA: How has your colleague contributed to the company?

Jennifer Petraitis: She goes about and beyond to meet the demands of customers and provide excellent service to those around her. Her go getter attitude is a great attribute to our industry.

SEMA: How has your colleague shown leadership in the industry or business? This can be either through professional or personal contributions. Please include a specific story or example.

JP: She has gone above and beyond to assist in managing ongoing tasks within the office. She’s also shown great leadership in helping her team meet monthly goals.

SEMA: Tell us a success story that you can share about this colleague.

JP: Haley took a phone call which had to deal with a very irate customer who was ready to never give our company a chance again. She managed to talk this customer off a ledge provide him with a bulb upgrade and detailed instructions on how to instal that would make this customer change the perception of not only her, but the company.

SEMA: How many years has she been at her current company?

JP: 1-3 Years

SEMA: How many years has she been in the industry?

JP: 3-5 Years

SEMA: What quality do you admire most about your colleague and why? Please share an example of how your colleague exemplifies this quality

JP: She’s a sponge of knowledge. Her willingness to learn and adapt shows how great of a leader she can be in the future.

SEMA: Why do you think your colleague is a role model in this industry?

JP: She’s a female who loves to work on cars in her free time and takes pride in handling business with class. She’s someone that anyone would be lucky To work with.