Brittany Shiaffino from the Retrofit Source SEMA Businesswomen’s Network (SBN) latest #SheIsSEMA Spotlight Member.

Submitted by Tiffanie Hartenstein | Oracle Lighting

SEMA: How has your colleague contributed to the company?

Tiffanie Hartenstein: Brittany brings the sunshine with her. She assists her customers in a rare, genuine fashion and always with a big, bright smile.

SEMA: How has your colleague shown leadership in the industry or business? This can be either through professional or personal contributions. Please include a specific story or example.

TH: Brittany has shown the desire to grow and learn more about our industry after only being with us for a year and a half. Recently she has joined the communications committee within SEMA Businesswomen's Network in an effort to learn about the automotive aftermarket in a deeper way.

Brittany is also part of our Oracle Lighting Foundation Task Force. Here she volunteers her time to assist when our non-profit has resources to provide to the community.

SEMA: Tell us a success story that you can share about this colleague.

TH: Brittany was recently peer selected for Employee of the Month and is in the running for our Employee of the Year. This award is given to team members who embody all of our company's values and guiding principles. Judging by her nominations, it is clear her peers sense her value as well.

We also receive many customer reviews sharing their praise for the help that Brittany provided them. She is representing our brand in a positive light and we are all lucky to have her as part of our team.

SEMA: How many years has she been at her current company?

TH: 1-3 Years

SEMA: How many years has she been in the industry?

TH: 1-3 Years

SEMA: What quality do you admire most about your colleague and why? Please share an example of how your colleague exemplifies this quality

TH: I admire Brittany's empathy and positive demeanor. I see her day after day speaking to customers with a vibe of gratitude and true desire to assist them.

SEMA: Why do you think your colleague is a role model in this industry?

TH: In a male dominated industry, Brittany is a role model to other aspiring women. She is a great example to show that anyone can learn and be successful in the automotive industry with the right drive.