If you’d asked Jane ten years ago what she thought she’d be doing today, being a sponsored team driver for Centerforce High Performance Clutches and driving instructor at the world-renowned Bridgestone Winter Driving School (BWDS) wasn’t on her radar. In fact, she is still taken aback from the success and virtual rollercoaster ride of a motorsports career that began just five short years ago—on a whim.

She has gone from weekend racer to making a career behind the wheel. Whether it’s precision driving for film or television, racing or teaching, she is determined to explore all the opportunities that exist beyond the successful restoration shop she and her husband Greg own.

“I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of the automotive community. To have been recognized by my peers and be a part of the SEMA #SheIsSEMA campaign that is highlighting women in the industry is so humbling. So often we women hear that the automotive industry is really a man’s world. But I disagree. I believe we women bring an exciting element to the industry. We are competent and capable, whether behind the desk as an executive, under the hood as technician’s or even, like in my case, behind the wheel. We have a lot to offer, and it’s a great time to be involved.”