Jonathan Mill, E-Stopp Corp.

Mill is the only Launch Pad contestant representing the equipment developers—the individuals who built this industry by developing innovative aftermarket products that actually go into your vehicle. He also handles all of the marketing and branding for his product, from designing the logos to filming product promos. All of this while executing his business plan, which includes the vehicle he had built on the Discovery Channel, entering engaging contests like this one, and immersing himself into the industry by connecting with his customers directly at shows and events.

"Since winning the SEMA Launch Pad, we have picked up international dealers and people are learning new ways to use my product. Winning the competition meant a lot to me. It validated all of the hard work that went into developing and launching the product and it shed a light on my company. When I approached industry executives that I have always wanted to talk to, I had an opening line."

Deadline: May 30, 2021