For more information, contact MPMC's council director Marcy Yanus at marcy@sema.org.


The SEMA Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council (MPMC) Media Trade Conference, the aftermarket's premier conference for establishing connections between motorsports parts manufacturers and media professionals, is relocating from Los Angeles, California, to Orlando, Florida, in 2025.

Unlike a traditional trade show where exhibitors meet with buyers and resellers, the Media Trade Conference is focused on private 30-minute meetings between manufacturers and media. Manufacturers take part in more than 40 meetings over a span of three days and gain valuable connections with journalists, editors, writers, podcasters, content creators and social-media influencers.

"In the beginning, print media was primarily based in Southern California," said MPMC Chair-Elect Brian Bohlander of Old World Industries. "Now, with the influx of social media influencers, as well as other media outlets, this move will help bring together additional East Coast media, new manufacturers, and potentially international media."

Historically known for its "speed-dating" format, the MPMC Media Trade Conference makes it easy for manufacturers to share detailed information about their products, changes in their company, and plans for the racing season. Journalists use the content collected to publish in their channels year-round.


The Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council (MPMC) was established specifically for companies involved in manufacturing functional performance parts used in sanctioned racing applications, the MPMC is dedicated to addressing industry-specific issues and to preserving and promoting the motorsports parts industry. MPMC's mission is to provide meaningful solutions to industry-specific issues and challenges, thereby perpetuating the growth and prosperity of motorsports parts manufacturers. MPMC directs its efforts toward industry-related issues, develop programs designed to meet the special needs of performance-parts manufacturers and offer new business and networking opportunities. MPMC also works with SEMA's legislative and technical staff to address those matters which may affect motorsports parts manufacturers.

Marcy Yanus

MPMC Director