"2017 was our first MPMC trade show. And to say that the “hype was real,” is an understatement. Kooks was very impressed with how well the show went and with how many editors and serious media personnel that we met with. We will be using the meetings to help create and expand our marketing program for 2017, and to give our products much more exposure.

We appreciate SEMA selecting Kooks to attend the MPMC event, and hope you will choose us in the years to come."

Chris Clark, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Kooks Headers

"The MPMC conference is one of the best events a manufacturer can take part in each year. Creating the environment where editors, media and manufacturers can have focused, one-on-one meetings to discuss new products, projects and content development is something only MPMC can provide."

Garrett Harmola
President/Owner at Aldan American Suspension

"MPMC is always a great event for the Chevrolet Performance team. While we get several changes to see many of the key editors throughout the year and many events all over the country, this is the one time each year that we get 1-on-1 time with no interruptions. This allows us to discuss in private both teams plans and expectations for the year. The outcome of these meetings helps set a road map for all of us to work on the rest of the year and make sure we are aligned on our goals."

Curt Collins | Manager Chevrolet Performance
COPO, and Performance Parts Licensing
General Motors | Customer Care and Aftersales

"MPMC is an extremely impressive media carousel!

Three days, up to 42 meetings, 30 minutes each!

Less than 2 weeks after MPMC we have worked with several new media outlets."

Matt Polena, Marketing Manager, Fidanza Perforamnce

"As a first-time manufacturer attendee, the entire BrakeQuip team was incredibly impressed with how well the event was planned, organized, and executed. Your staff was able to accommodate schedule requests from both editors and BrakeQuip, and kept us well informed of any changes. We each felt the event was significant in value throughout the week, with multiple opportunities to engage and network outside the "meeting" allotments. "

The value in having focused discussions away from the distractions of a traditional industry event was welcomed. We thank you for the opportunity to attend, and look forward to applying for next year's event.

Nick Dorfer, BrakeQuip

"I attended my first MPMC Conference in 2017 and came away wishing there were more events just like it in the automotive aftermarket. The immersive experience goes beyond just spending 30 minutes with each company and proves itself as one of the best ways to network with valuable industry sources."

Anthony Bowe, Digital Content Director, The Shop magazine

"The best thing about the MPMC Media Trade Conference is that you get to meet a lot of people that you never would meet. The media are coming to you and it saves you a lot of time and money by doing it all in one location. SEMA organizes everything for you and it’s a nice event. You wouldn’t meet any of these people in any of your trade shows because you’re concentrating on selling your stuff versus letting people know about it."

Harvey Baker, Performance Automatic

“The MPMC Conference is an invaluable media conference and one of my personal favorites. Our editorial team can sit one-on-one with a variety of manufacturers and plan a significant amount of content for the upcoming year. MPMC is where I get business handled.”

– Henry De Los Santos, Mustang360 Network Content Director, The Enthusiast Network (TEN)

“As the editor in chief of a website that strives to stay on the bleeding edge of the high-performance aftermarket, there is no more valuable experience each year than the MPMC Conference. From learning about new products, working with manufacturers to create content, and keeping in touch with the pulse of the industry, it is invaluable.”

– Brian Lohnes, Editor In Chief, BangShift.com

“The value of this event goes way beyond the meetings. It’s about the networking and the relationships that we establish here, relationships with the media and with our peers. There is no other venue in our industry where so many of us can spend 3 days together and network like this.”

– COMP Performance Group Owner Scooter Brothers